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Make your own almond-milk chocolate bar with Délices & Gourmandises

A milk-almond mix is one of the best ways to appreciate the taste of chocolate. Délices & Gourmandises offers you the possibility of making your own bars home with this recipe.


The origin of chocolate and chocolate bars

The first chocolate beverages were served in Honduras about 4000 years ago and cocoa beans have been used as money for ages in Central America. The first European person to taste it was Hernan Cortez to whom the Aztecs served a red bitter and spicy beverage when they took him for their god Quetzalcoatl, in 1519. Chocolate was introduced in Europe (in Spain) in 1528 and was always served as a hot beverage until the middle of the 19th century.

The first chocolate bar was created by Berwaerts in 1849. The recipes have been modified over time and many ingredients have been added to vary the taste of the bars as almonds, nuts, truffles, milk, crisped rice, hazelnuts or candied fruits.

Délices et Gourmandises presents you its milk-almond chocolate bar

You will need:

– 60 gr sugar
– 25 gr powdered milk
– 40 gr cocoa butter
– 200 gr cocoa mass
– 60 gr ground almonds
– Vanilla extract

An emulsifier can be used as sunflower lecithin. That will help the mixture to be perfectly homogeneous.

Put all the ingredients in a pan and let cook at mild heat. Don’t stop stirring until the mixture become homogeneous. Pour the mixture into a mold and let chill in the fridge.

You can also opt for a very simple recipe. Just buy a milk chocolate bar and almond (powdered or chopped). You will just have to let the chocolate melt in a pan at mild heat or in bain-marie in a bowl and pour the mixture in a mold. For varying the presentation, you can use many little molds of different forms. Once the molds filled, put them into the fridge to chill the chocolate and congeal it.