The Château Tuilerie Pagès, a new wine proposed by Delices and Gourmandises

With this red Bordeaux wine, Delices and Gourmandises proposes a lively wine that can be kept for many years in the cellar.

A red wine from Delices and Gourmandises that must be kept for a while before tasting it

The Château Tuilerie Pagès is a vineyard located in the Bordeaux area. This newcomer in the Delices and Gourmandises cellar is made with a classic mix of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The soil of the vineyard is a mix of clay and limestone that gives the grapes the specific taste and aromas for an authentic Bordeaux wine.

The Bordeaux wines are the most popular wine in the world. They can be easily tasted. Some of the vintage wines, especially those that are from the Medoc area, are made by prestigious vineyards whose fame has gone around the world.

Made according to the traditional methods, the Château Tuilerie Pagès is an agreeable supple and fruity wine. Bottled at the vineyard, this wine a wine to keep that you can store in your cellar for 5 or 8 years. The best recommended temperature is between 10 and 16°C; that will help the wine to grow in suppleness and to refine its bouquet.

Serve the Château Tuilerie Pagès at a temperature between 16 and 18°C.

How to taste this wine selected by Delices and Gourmandises?

As all the Bordeaux wines, the Château Tuilierie Pagès selected by Delices and Gourmandises is perfect for accompanying dishes made of or that contains red meat. Flanks with shallots, roasted lamb, grilled prime ribs are recommended to entirely benefit from the aromas and the delicate taste of this wine.

You can also serve it with duck meat (with vanilla) or turkey. And as French wine always goes well with cheese, Camemberts, Brie and Roquefort are perfect with a glass of Château Tuilerie Pagès.


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