Buy your royal jelly from Delices and Gourmandises

gelee roayle2Royal jelly is the is the creamy substance produced by young nurse worker bees to be used as the sole food of the queen, queen larvae and other young larvae of the colony – following a well-defined hierarchy. Also known as the bees’ milk, it has a whitish color and a gelatinous texture. As it is secreted in smaller quantities than honey, it’s rare and expensive. It is one of the health and wellness products offered by Delices and Gourmandises.


Discover the many nutritional intakes of royal jelly with Delices and Gourmandises

Very rich in carbohydrates, protein and essential fatty acids, royal jelly is an important source of nutrients for our body. Several varieties of vitamins can also be found in it, as well as a high level of vitamin B5. To end with, it contains many trace elements, amino acids and other minerals that keep our body in balance.

Delices and Gourmandises : The virtues of royal jelly


All the nutrients in royal jelly play an important role in strengthening the immune and nervous system in addition to being a powerful antioxidant to fight against cellular aging. Moreover, as a natural tonic and stimulant, royal jelly helps you quickly recover your energy and is particularly recommended to fight against depression or overwork states.

To the extent that this product helps you to relax, it improves the quality of your sleep and hence can be used to reduce stress and insomnia. Lastly, royal jelly also helps boost libido and treat cases of impotence or frigidity. A regular intake therefore helps to reduce at the same time physical fatigue and psychological effects of stress. To help you in your treatment, Delices and Gourmandises even offers a special spoon to ease the measurement of your daily dosage of royal jelly.


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