Réserve Saint Martin from Languedoc-Roussillon’s Chardonnay: an outstanding and delicious drink by Delices and Gourmandises

As a drink to accompany your appetizers, fish dishes and salads, Delices and Gourmandises’ sommeliers highly recommend this sweet white wine: Réserve Saint Martin from Languedoc-Roussillon’s Chardonnay.

Delices and Gourmandises : Main characteristics of this Réserve Saint Martin

In white wine making, Chardonnay is the most famous grape in the world. It is widely cultivated in the Pays d’Oc, so in Languedoc-Roussillon. Réserve Saint Martin’s wines are produced by the beautiful vineyards of southern France. They are concocted from fruits selected with the utmost care and following innovative winemaking methods combining tradition and new techniques.

This Chardonnay deserves its quality, not only thanks to the care that the winemakers bring to plants, but also to the Mediterranean climate in the Languedoc-Roussillon region which is tempered and pleasant. The mild winters and hot and dry summers succession, their excellent exposure to sunlight give the grapes their originality which can’t be seen in any other wine.

This Réserve Saint Martin from Languedoc-Roussillon’s Chardonnay is characterized by white flowers aromas with notes of citrus and nuts. On mouth, it reveals a fruity taste and is characterized by a long, lingering finish. Delicate and fresh, the taste characteristics match perfectly.

With which foods can we accompany this wine?

To enjoy all the delicacy and elegance of this beverage, the ideal is to serve it as an appetizer with light cheeses or to pair it with white meat based dishes and salads. This Chardonnay can be also used to enhance the taste of your fish based preparations. Its aromas are optimally sensed at a temperature between 8 ° C and 10 ° C.
This wine is available in Delices and Gourmandises’ catalog. Do not hesitate to order it as a drink for your Sunday lunch or special occasions.


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