La Chapinière Touraine, a red wine praised by Delices and Gourmandises

Delices and Gourmandises continues its quest of not well know but affordable wines that have remarkable qualities. La Chapinière Touraine is its latest discovery. This red wine elegantly combines with a wide range of dishes; if it of course completes all red meat stews, it also will enhance roasted or braised poultry.

Its terroir and character

La chapinière Touraine

From its Touraine appellation, this red wine is made from grapes grown along the valleys of the Loire, Cher and Indre, mainly on clay soils, but with an excellent exhibition.

Le Côt Garnon is the only variety that makes this excellent wine. Abandoned after the phylloxera epidemic, it now becomes fashionable again among growers for the qualities it brings to the wine. Among other things, it confers its powerful but harmonious tannins and excellent aging potential. So you can keep your bottles for 9 to 10 years carefree.

It is also le côt that gives the dress this pretty garnet dress, sometimes tending towards purple or brown. The nose is in keeping with powerful mineral notes and aromas of red and black fruits and citrus. Blackcurrant is particularly dominant in some bottles.

Contrary to what one would expect from its nose, the mouth is not too aggressive even though the tannins are obviously very present. It is a wine that remains round and has a good persistence.

How to taste La Chapinière Touraine ?

roast poultry

Like all red wines of the region, it will benefit from being put into decanter to remove deposits. Its flavors really show after it was airy, so it is recommended to open it at least one hour before tasting.

It clearly represents a great alternative to red meat and game, but it marries surprisingly with poultry, including roasts.

It also goes perfectly with chocolate, whose taste and flavors will be amazingly enhanced. Some also like it for aperitif, because its powerful character offers a nice contrast with cheese with strong flavors.


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