“I won € 7,500” Marie shares her joy and talks about her experience

On Sundays afternoons, we use to receive our children, grandchildren and some friends to share good moments: playing chess or watching new movies.

To help creating a friendly atmosphere, we serve varieties of sweets to our guests, for the pleasure of both young and adults. My wife buys them on Delices and Gourmandises’ webstore. She orders them a few days before, so that we always have enough stock of sweets.

One day, we got à very nice surprise: we won € 7,500 from our favorite candy shop. This check was a rewarding for our loyalty. This amount allowed us to realize our dream of travelling in Tuscany.

Sweets for everyone and every taste

It has been a few years that we buy varieties of sweets from Delices and Gourmandises webstore. Since then, we were always satisfied. Each of us has his favorites.

For my sake, I’m fool of their delicacies and exquisite pastries: coconut crowns, lemon shortbread, millefeuille with cream, apple tartlets… they are simply delicious and delight my taste buds every time. To my wife, she is fond of the exceptional range of chocolate that Delices and Gourmandises sells (cherries in eau-de-vie, fine mint tablets and coconut rocks or fruit jellies, fudge and almonds nougat…). In addition, all the products available on this online store are totally healthy. Even the weight watchers are allowed to consume them without worry. Of course, there are still plenty of delicacies you can choose from. For our pleasure, we always try various products when we send an order.

A reward for our loyalty

Delices and Gourmandises organizes regularly prize draws that reward their loyal customers. I never thought that I could be participating on them, and less more that I could be the winner. Yet, it was the case. We won the lottery, and got a check for € 7,500.
We spent this money on a trip in Tuscany: we’ve been dreaming of it for years. I’m still thanking Delices and Gourmandises for its delicious sweets and his gift.


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