Delices and Gourmandises, a world of delights

chocolate_day_006If you are fond of sweets and traditional pastries, here’s the best address for you : Delices and Gourmandises. Succumb to the charm of this online store and receive its delicious products directly at your place without having to go out.

A range of products for honeyed foodies

Delices and Gourmandises’s success is mainly due to the way its products are prepared by expert bakers and high-level artisans, following a long tradition which gives them an unique taste.

Children and adults will be delighted with the candies and Belgian chocolates available on the store: nougats, jellies, caramels, pralines, coconut rocks, assorted dried fruits, cherries in eau-de-vie, cognac chocolate, pralines with coffee… Delices and Gourmandises brings a luxury note in your life!

For a gift or for your own pleasure, create your own assortment from the catalog available online and surprise your family and friends.


Delices and Gourmandises does not sell only sweets. Its website also displays a wide range of pastries to be enjoyed at any time of your day: breaksfast, brunch, dessert, tea time. Which ones are your favorites? Almond pastries, creamy mille-feuilles, chocolate rolled cakes, baba au rhum, lemon shortbread or apple tartlets, you have more than enough choice, and they are always most welcome!

The best service to ease your ordering

Delices and Gourmandises’s no1 priority is its customers’s satisfaction, and the entire team is dedicated to a high-quality service delivery from the moment your order is confirmed until you receive it, with all its qualities, texture and taste preserved.

Ordering is extremely easy and fast. Just visit the website and open the catalogue to make your choice; then, download the order form and fill it before sending it along with a check. But you also have the possibility to use your credit card to pay directly online; it’s totally safe and will speed up the delivery. Within a couple of days, your parcel will be in your mailbox!

And don’t forget to check the special promotions organized by the store, you will benefit from very low prices to satisfy your envy of sweetness.


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