Delices Gourmandises offers a wide variety of traditional sweets and pastries

Delices Gourmandises online store welcomes you with its wide selection of chocolates, candies and pastries. Working with the best French artisans, the team aims to make you explore the fine regional gastronomic products and make your breakfast and tea or coffee time smile!

Delices Gourmandises irresistible sweets and pastries

You have an amazing choice among the various irresistible sweets that Delices Gourmandises offers you. Just close our eyes and imagine some coconut rocks, assorted dried fruits (prunes, peaches, pears, apricots and apples).

delicesgourmandises-sweets-dessert-pastryAlso, its great traditional pastries are baked using the authentic recipe, which plainly reveals the old flavors of the wholesome ingredients and naturally grown fruit. Pound cake, almond nougat, fondant apple cake, apple tartlets, the unavoidable “baba au rhum”, creamy millefeuille, lemon shortbread and many others will take yourself back to your childhood and its sweetest times.

On top of that, we did not forget chocolate lovers. To please them, the catalogue therefore contains an assortment of fine Belgian chocolates, world-renowned for their unique quality. For all occasions, taste its range of delicious luxury chocolates: cherries in eau-de-vie, cognac chocolate, pralines with coffee, caramel, filled with nuts or rum, thistles liqueur (Poire William, Grand Marnier, Marc de Savoie…)

Your order is delivered very quickly

To ensure your satisfaction, Delices Gourmandises store ensure home-delivery. All you have to do is make our choice on its website, submit your order online and pay by credit card or by check. This is 100 % safe and will allow you to get your parcel very quickly.

delicesgourmandises-pastryWithin a couple of days, your sweets and pastries will be in your mail box, safe and sound, with their texture, freshness and taste preserved, thanks to a high-quality transport packaging.

Gourmets and gourmands, at any time of the day, treat yourself with these savory products or share this truly enjoyable and unforgettable experience with your relatives and friends. There are so many reasons to try Delices Gourmandises’s little delicacies – and you’ll love everyone of them!


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  1. I went to Delices Gourmandises website not long ago, I was not disappointed , the pastries I was looking for was there and they were not as expensive as my husband said.They were pretty looking and tasty enough to please the children. Delices Gourmandises coconut rocks were fantastic too as were the pralines with coffee. Would be ordering your delicious coconut rocks and creamy millefeuille next time 🙂

  2. Delices Gourmandises service is the best of all the companies I have dealt with in the UK. Exhaustive pricing, fast delivery and quality product intact. From my first order till now, everything was perfect. It’s really a good job !

  3. My cousin from Belgium paid a visit to us last month and brought those famous Belgian chocolates. It’s the first time I ate that and I liked it so much. I wanted to repeat the experience and ordered some Belgian chocolates from my favorite online shop Délices and Gourmandises where I’m used to ordering my treats. At the first bite, I immediately recognized the fineness and the delicacy of an authentic Belgium chocolate. I must say those pralines were so exquisite 😀

  4. I agree with Barneyx, The price is what attracted me at first. I think it’s quite reasonable compared to other companies.

  5. Apart from these delicious pastries, Délices & Gourmandises also delicious dishes as if we ate in a French restaurant. In our family, we buy pastries for our children who love and dishes for everyone;)

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