Delices & Gourmandises Cassoulet

The history of the famous dish known as “Cassoulet” comes from the autonomous community of Spain “Catalonia” associated with the history of Languedoc. Catalonia is bordered by France to the north, the reason why Cassoulet, as a traditional dish, became popular in the south region of France, and obviously in Carcassone. Yet, it has been said that it is originated from Arabs cuisine since beans were first introduced as Arabic products in Spain.

Delices & Gourmandises selection of French dishes

delices gourmandises cassouletThe word “Cassoulet” derived from the Old Provencal cassa or cassolo, meaning pan or casserole in French, is a French stew made with meat typically pork, goose, duck and beans. Almost British people enjoy Cassoulet and the most appreciated recipe for it remains the one with Duck Confit. If you make researches you will probably find thousands of recipes; however for those who do not want to spend hours in the kitchen, Delices & Gourmandises offer large selection of French dishes meticulously cooked respecting traditional and regional recipes.

Beef bourguignon, rabbit stew with prunes as well as Cassoulet with Duck Confit, Delices & Gourmandises offer high-quality ready-to-eat meals prepares strictly respecting hygiene and security standards. Best serve for dinner or during weekend with family, Delices & Gourmandises flavorful meals are ready to be savored and will allow you to do a real gastronomic Tour de France. Don’t wait for another day to send your order!


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  1. The best Cassoulet I ever tasted ! I’ve been looking for recipes few days ago but I gave up thinking it would be a failure. I placed the order as soon as I saw the great pictures on Delices & Gourmandises website. Yummy!!!

  2. When I was young, my mother used to prepare Cassoulet for family dinner. I can perfectly remember its smell as well as its taste. Delices & Gourmandises Cassoulet remind me that time, my mother was good at cooking and she knew everything about French gastronomy, the Cassoulet was just great though she didn’t use any special ingredients, like yours Delices & Gourmandises 🙂
    Thanks for your super food ! Will be back soon!

  3. Nice picture ! I discovered Delices & Gourmandises recently by friends ,I was looking for Chili con Carne for family dinner fortunately the company got wonderful selection, everything was perfect.
    Since I know Delices & Gourmandises I do not have to worry about food for a special day, another additional benefit

  4. Delices & Gourmandises ready meals assortment is great ! In their catalogue, it can be seen that the gourmet package consists of Chiken curry, Salmon with a Sorrel sauce and beef stew but in fact, we can choose both the starter and the main dishes which I personally enjoy. I took time placing the order.It would be nice if the company can include the dessert, last time I ordered Delices & Gourmandises Dundee slab cake, I love the decoration though I found the almonds too roasted.

  5. Your Cassoulet looks perfect ! 🙂 I would like to give a try but I do not know much about the process. Is this Delices & Gourmandises website?

  6. Yeah! it is Alexa.It sounds like it is the first time you discover the brand, do you? I was a bit lost too when I discovered their website for the first time but I managed it once I followed the instruction .I also discovered wonderful items here , you will be tempted 🙂

  7. Great to remember , I used to think cassoulet comes from another country but I was wrong 🙂 My grandmother was born in France and she loves French cuisine. She discovered the brand few years ago but still she is as attracted by Delices Gourmandises products as the first time.

  8. Korbyn Padme

    I live in Maidenhead; two years ago I had the opportunity to live in France and get familiar with French culture, food and tradition. Frankly speaking I am big fan of Delices & Gourmandises because back in the Uk ,there were times I missed French food a lot fortunately there were companies who are still working on food mailing nowadays and Delices & Gourmandises was among of them. I stick to Delices & Gourmandises because from my first experience with the company till now , I wasn’t disappointed, delicious products and easy ordering. I also appreciate the fact that the products were delivered just in a couple of days and we can enjoy it at home, I love this feeling since it is like we are really in France, thinking about the way they prepare the dishes… yet they are made by French artisans. Thank you Delices & Gourmandises

  9. Can someone tell me where I can find Delices & Gourmandises duck cassoulet recipe? It is the one I found, Chicken Basquaise

  10. Served with green salad and French bread, my grandson couldn’t resist to Delices Gourmandises cassoulet, he always asked for more. Though I can prepare it myself , I prefer to order those of Delices Gourmandises, it hasn’t the same flavor, yet it takes hours to make.

  11. I just discovered Delices Gourmandises Chili Con Carne Great, isn’t it?

  12. Yeah, it looks like the one I ordered few weeks ago. Absolutely divine! Delices Gourmandises recipes are also interesting in a way we want to make little saving, they are quick and easy. I’ve already tried most of them with my little daughter 🙂

  13. I simply love this. I’d rather eat this dish with some loaves of bread or rice combined with white wine 🙂

  14. I love Delices & Gourmandises cassoulet, I did not expect it to be as good. I discovered this delicious dish in France and I was a little skeptical about the chance to have such a good taste with the products of Delices & Gourmandises. Cassoulet of Delices & Gourmandises is delicious, do not hesitate, I have several in advance!

  15. Davis Anderson

    I bought one last week and I wasn’t first expected the cassoulet to be that good at all! The dish was generous I was full without a doubt! Thanks for the link Barbara, I plan to try the Chili Can Carne, I’ll leave a feedback here later about it.
    Anyway, thanks for your tasty dishes Delices and Gourmandises!!

  16. Oh yeah ! Cassoulet is great food. A lot of protein since it has mostly beans and meat. This one from Delices and Gourmandises seems good btw.It is even greater if you accompany it with red wine. Pierre Desproges said: ” Un cassoulet sans vin, c’est comme un curé sans latin” which basically means in englishs : A cassoulet without wine is like a priest without latin.

  17. I ordered this Delices gourmandises Cassoulet last month. It is best to eat it with couscouss or rice. I don’t get people eating with bread. Seriously.

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