Delices & Gourmandises pastries for French culinary lovers

A quick view at French pastries

Pastries have been implemented in France thanks to the introduction of sugar in the European cookery. Thus, people became familiar with short crust, flaky, puff and choux pastries. Most of people enjoy “home-made” pastries and it is up to everyone to get quick and easy recipes and make the pastry of their choices.

Delices & Gourmandises pastries

petits-gateaux-délices gourmandisesFor those who do not know much about baking or pastry cooking, Delices & Gourmandises offer wide range of confectionary products such as mini roll cakes, cream puffs, fruitcakes, apple fondants, butter cakes and many other pastries made from authentic recipes. As a dessert, with coffee or during teatime, French pastries are still and yet remain the most appreciated pastries in the United Kingdom. Nothing could be more British than afternoon tea in London.

There are famous and well-known school who teach classic French culinary and pastry in the country but Delices & Gourmandises give great opportunity for beginners, also for those who dream to taste sweet and high quality of confectionary products of all kinds. We have nice catalog and our customer can, of course, order products they saw in the catalog. We adopted this process so that our customers feel free to choose the product of their conveniences depending on their preferences.

Customers in the United Kingdom are given great importance and are lucky enough since our firm is situated in France, but this does not prevent us from offering them the pleasure of quietly enjoying French pastries in the comfort of their home without having to move.
If you want to enjoy the sweet and fine taste of our confectionary products, it is not too late to order your favorite French pastries at Delices & Gourmandises.


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  1. Very pleased with the quality of Delices & Gourmandises fruity tarts and almond cakes I ordered last week, they were as described in the website and the children love it!
    I would like to try your Dundee slab cake, maybe next week!

  2. We’re preparing a birthday party next week, are there ways to order more than five or six items at Delices & Gourmandises? If not, do Delices & Gourmandises company give prizes for real?

  3. I had the opportunity to travel in France one day, true enough that French gastronomy is the best in the world after the British one 😀 What I like about food mail order like Delices & Gourmandises is the thought of being at home and to another place at the same time,, the product itself smelled fantastic during its delivery. Delices & Gourmandises pastries remember me both my travel in France but especially the time when I was too tired to prepare something either for dinner or for lunch, it helped me a lot. I absolutely recommend…

  4. I recommend Delices & Gourmandises Fruit cake and coconut macaroons, they are awesome! I haven’t been ordering pastries from Delices & Gourmandises for few weeks now but seeing these delightful pictures, I feel like a nibble 🙂

  5. My favorites are certainly the “rochers à la noix de coco”. it is so delicious

  6. I ordered one of Delices & Gourmandises birthday cake last month for my nephew’s birthday, it was perfect ! It was really what I expected and fortunately the company was professional, super delivery product !

  7. Delices & Gourmandises cream puffs are awesome! the cream filling is to die for and the drizzle of melted dark chocolate on top,splendid 🙂

  8. I am a huge fan of French pastries especially French macarons, colorful and very tasty sometimes 2 packets were not enough for the whole family fortunately they aren’t expensive 😀

  9. Hi, I’ve recently discoverd your brand. I think it’s pretty cool you could deliver french pastries here in the UK. I’m going to check your catalogue and choose one item just for a try

  10. It’s a really good article.I really like this one too, my wife just made this and it was so tasty. I kind of got accustomed to that mixed with a cup of coffee in the morning.

  11. The French pastries are truly delicious and thanks to Delices & Gourmandises, I finally found the taste of good French products that I discovered during my last trip to France. I came to see friends who live there. They also recommend Delices & Gourmandises for the quality of these products.
    My whole family is fully satisfied and they already tan me to buy new pastries.

  12. I have heard of this brand but wasn’t really interested, but after reading all your feedbacks I want to know more about Delices and Gourmandises! Did anyone have advices concerning their pastries? I love chocolates so I guess it won’t be difficult to recommand me something 🙂

  13. Davis Anderson

    I found a good-looking chocolate cake recipe a long time ago,
    I didn’t try it yet, but it really looks good.

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